Hair isn’t just a part of body that requires cleaning and combing every day. Just like clothing, it’s a part of self-expression. Our founder , with his impeccable passion for haircuts and grooming for men, created Jagcutz.
Our vision is to revolutionize Men’s grooming. There was a time when unlike parlors for women, men had small barber shops to take care of their grooming needs. However, with rising awareness for the importance of grooming, men are seeking better services for haircare, bread and overall grooming. Today, men’s grooming industry is worth billions of dollars across the globe.
Jagcutz takes pride in being part of the revolution and has set up its barber shop in Victoria, BC- a vibrant city in British Columbia. Being one of the pioneers in diverse haircutting in Victoria, what started as a humble barber shop in the city center turned into a hub of innovation and creativity. With years of experience under our belt, we have honed out skills and techniques to provide world class grooming experience to our men.
Our barbers at Jagcutz have years of training and experience with different types of hair. From trendy styles to classic trims- our barbers have mastered it all. It’s them who make Jagcutz one of the best barber shops in Victoria.
Come to Jagcutz and experience the revolution with Victoria’s best Hair Salon and Barbering!